iPhone photography

iPhone photography

I heard a couple times people said photographing with iPhone is the bull shit. You can’t call yourself a photographer if you take pictures with your smartphone. I agree that you can’t be a photographer if you haven’t a special view of the subject. Also, if you don’t have your own imagination about things and if you don’t see the details which should be a very special for you, but invisible to others. Usually, I don’t agree that you can’t be a photographer without a certificate and with the last model of Nikon or Canon. It doesn’t make a sense for me.

So, here I am with my iPhone 🙂

Many many years ago, my photographer uncle showed me his pride, oldest camera Zenit. I loved the voice of the button so much that I decided to pay more attention to the photography. A very special voice that makes you know that you did something.
After a while, I bought the same Camera on the flea market as a gift from my friends. When I took a couple photos, the results excited me. The colors, the process and the fact that I was looking at the frozen moments from the past it touched me forever. I became dependent on this process and on the SOUND of a button. I didn’t know anything about the photography things: shutter speed; aperture and etc.

This is me and my very first Zenit:

Zenit, Cappadocia and Me 🙂

There was and are things in my life that are not interested enough to me. The same is happening with cameras. I don’t understand the mechanism how the camera works. It seems boring to me, so I couldn’t never ever have learned photography in a technical way. Every time I take a photo it works by itself and each time I’m falling in love almost with all of the mine photos. During these years I had a couple cameras in my life. I used them by my way and always been effective (I still don’t know what is that way ). Now, in this smartphone era, it’s easy for me. With my experience, I realized there is no need of professional camera or certificate. You only need a smartphone and passion of photographing :).

This is my hobby. But still, I can call my self a photographer. Every time I take a picture with my phone, it brings me a huge satisfaction. After a while, when I print photos I feel the same emotions which I received the same day while photo-shooting. They have the same aura, positiveness and even the same smell. Most important things a photographer should have are-a passion, a vision, and attention to details. All these because to catch the moments. Very special moments!
I don’t know how somebody can say that these photos aren’t real because I took them with my smartphone. I love my smartphone and I love my photos. It doesn’t matter if I am not a professional certificated photographer with a pro camera. Usually, the passion is inside you and this is the point of it.
So, iPhone photographers, catch the moments and be ready to wear your smartphones everywhere! 🙂


These photos were taken with iPhone s6 plus.

This is my son who loves to take a lot of photos 🙂

Morning through the window

Autumn form y window

Autumn Sun

Highway to Heaven

My favorite photo-Sunset

A piece of bridge

Stairway to heaven

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Thank you,

Le Cuckoo



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