Whipped Cream Chocolate Cake. Second Try!

Whipped cream chocolate cake for the second try: Once, my oven broke down and I had a feeling when you must do something but you skip it to the next week over and over again. In short, I could not fix my oven for a long time, but I really needed to bake something, so I’ve called my friend and asked to save me and help to bake something. She did not refuse, as she just loves baking, I became interested in pastry, because of her enthusiasm, after we were organizing culinary evenings together, once in a month and sharing the experiences. I remember once, we were volunteers in a bakery for a couple days, for the sake of interest  I love that friend of mine and miss her very, very much, here, so far from home…

So, where was I? Right, so I’ve packed and gone to her home and we start baking. We chatted a lot, it was too late, I did not want to bother her and did not give biscuits enough time to cool. Because of that, the Cream became thin and I could not give it the right shape as it was in the book. It makes me laugh how silly it looked like, kind of melt and tortured  but honestly, it was delicious

This was the first try.

Yes, you’re right, I decided that it should have worked at second try and I did it. Now I want to share it with you

Let’s start:

Ingredients for batter

15 medium eggs

400 gr granulated sugar

300 gr dark baking chocolate

5 tbsp water

1 tbsp granulated coffee

Ingredients for cream

750 ml  Whipping cream 35%

100 gr Dark chocolate

1 gr vanilla extract

25 gr unsweetened cocoa (for decoration)

  1. Separate egg white and yolk and beat yolks with granulated sugar until it becomes fluffy. At the same time melt the chocolate on steam, cool it, add coffee to water and add this to melted chocolate.
  2. Now beat an egg white until stiff
  3. Add melted chocolate to the beaten egg yolk and very slowly add this mass to the beaten egg white. voila, cake batter is ready. Divide it in 3 part. Put a baking paper in the springform cake pan (26 diameters). Bake them separately in the preheated oven (160 degrees C) for 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean. Invert pan until cool, then carefully take off the baking paper and cool completely.


4.   Beat a whipping cream and add vanilla and melted chocolate. with your pastry bag apply your whipping cream to your bottom layer cake. Repeat the same steps with the next cake layers.


5.   Finally, add the cream to the sides of your cake with a pastry bag. Then smooth out the cream by spatula. Decorate the top of the cake with the cocoa powder.

Now these are my advice for you if you decide to bake this cake

  1. Because the cake is without flour, it is very fluffy and before you open the springform cake pan, please separate the cake from the wall by the knife carefully.
  2. Cool the cake very well before you put the cream on it.
  3. My mother advised me to add the stabilizer for whipping cream and it really helped. The cream was very stable. I used 50 gr of stabilizer in 1-liter whipping cream

4-Instead of 750 ml whipping cream, I used 1-liter and it was hard enough for the cake.

5-Using the pastry bag is very useful when the cake is very fluffy and especially when the cream seems not to be enough.

Voila, I hope my advice is helpful, just try it…honestly, it was very very delicious.


If you don’t believe me,  then you can believe the expressions of my kid’s face 🙂



Bon Appétit





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