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I don’t know when I’ve started to bake, I do not remember this moment, but I know that today I love finding new recipes and test them in my kitchen. And I know that this is one of the most calming and positive processes that I love today.

In Tbilisi, where are lots of original cafes, there is one very comfortable “Literature Cafe” with very delicious desserts. This cafe is a favorite place for all of my friends.

However, I do not remember the moment of entering the “Literature Café” and not try something tasty.

A year ago, I made my food blog, it was about the taste of ancient recipes from the “Family Book”.

Those days I was under the influence of the movie “Julie & Julia,” (still my favorite movie), I had a desire to create a blog, but this book was not very interesting for me because of the inaccuracies and the repeated recipes.

I did not give up and came back with new ideas

I remember how my friend said to me with a great joy, that “Literature Cafe” released its book of recipes. Then I decided to try every single recipe from that book at home and to share the experience of baking process to them who loves bake and wants to try their favorite recipes at home. Just like me

So, if you decide to cook at home, you’ll be more ready for this.

P.S. This won’t be the only book. Also, I would like to share with my experiments and with a lot of different recipes.


Yours faithfully,

Miss Cuckoo